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Legal Research

Legal research and analysis tasks can use up valuable firm resources, keeping them from performing high-value legal tasks and wasting time and money. Combining process-driven research methodologies and industry leading research tools, American Discovery reduces excessive time and costs relating to legal research and analysis.

Medical Records Research

Our expertise includes comprehensive research on medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, workers’ compensation, negligence, toxic tort, and environmental matters. Working with a network of attorneys who have MD and PhD certifications and extensive medical records review experience enables us to select the appropriate reviewer based on the complexity of the medical subject area and litigation type. In conjunction with our document review practice, we provide a comprehensive solution to maximize efficiency and cost controls related to review

50-State and Multi-Jurisdictional Surveys

We perform case analysis and document legal opinions pertaining to the client’s litigation and business. A summary of each decision is prepared detailing the relevant facts of each case and the court’s holding on each issue. Our analysis provides the client with clarity and accuracy regarding significant and substantive rulings.

Expert Witness and Lay Witness Research

Using advanced research and data mining applications, we provide personal and professional backgrounds of witnesses, including location of residence, location of practice, area of practice, and certifications. Where applicable, we include identification of lawsuits where the witness has been a party. For expert witnesses, we include the names, docket number and jurisdiction of any cases where the witness testified as an expert.

Industry and Company Research

We document key facts and trends for a specific industry and identify and compare key industry participants. We consolidate qualitative, financial, and market information from multiple sources into standard profile templates, which can be used for pitch books and marketing support.