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Litigation and Other Support Services

Whether you’re managing litigation matters or have specialized business requirements, putting the right people, processes, and technology in place to support your needs is essential to your success. Hiring and managing internal resources takes time and uses precious financial resources.

Using proven processes, expert teams, and cutting-edge technology, American Discovery delivers cost-effective services – from analysis and document drafting to research and administrative support – to help you meet your litigation and business goals.

Early case assessment

Identifying key issues and witnesses and developing cost minimization strategies

Claims analysis

Analyzing claims files, drafting claims chronologies, summarizing medical records and identifying covered procedures, and enhancing processes and protocols

Litigation management and monitoring

Tracking matters, drafting case status reports, monitoring budgets, and drafting exception reports

Drafting services

Drafting privilege logs, deposition question outlines, deposition summaries, meet and confer letters, and case chronologies

Administrative support

Compiling witness and hot document binders, summarizing expert witness depositions, and maintaining expert witness databases

Legal research

Performing primary and secondary legal research, multi-jurisdictional surveys, case law, and statute research

Medical Records Research

50-State and Multi-Jurisdictional Surveys

Expert Witness and Lay Witness Research

Industry and Company Research