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Discovery Consulting

Discovery Process Management

Lack of compliance with the compounding requirements of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) can put corporations and outside counsel at risk for sanctions and high cost exposure. Drawing from our understanding of complex litigation matters and discovery requests, we help clients map a discovery plan to issue litigation hold notices, identify relevant ESI sources, perform proper collection and preservation of ESI, and identify which data processing and review applications best fit your case strategy.

Using American Discovery’s disciplined discovery process – including establishing proper identification, preservation, collection, processing, and production techniques — clients can reduce the risk of sanctions,diminish cost exposures, and maintain FRCP compliance.

  1. Define discovery strategy and timelines
  2. Apply required technologies and resources
  3. Align review team by matter type and complexity
  4. Analyze work flow and provide performance metrics
  5. Deliver ongoing support and validation

E-Discovery Technology Selection

From selecting the right vendor to defining processes that deliver results, creating a thriving eDiscovery business requires both strategy and knowhow. Based on our expertise with managed document review and all of the major eDiscovery platforms, we can help you evaluate vendors and identify the best eDiscovery application for your needs.

Plus, by helping you develop and document defensible scope, collection, culling, and review processes based on our proven best practices, we can put your team on the path to success.