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Contract Management and Review

Businesses of all kinds face increased legal, financial, and performance risks when ineffective contract administration and unstructured contract management processes remain the status quo. Lack of legacy contract insight, murky visibility into key contract data, outdated deadline tracking, unchecked contract creation, and department-siloed contract repositories all lead to missed deadlines, inconsistent contract terms, and management inefficiencies resulting in poor bottom-line performance.

Using expert resources and best-in-class tools, American Discovery works with you to develop and deploy smart strategies and processes to minimize these risks and enhance the overall efficiency of contract management — from creation, approval, and execution, to storage, search and retrieval, deadline tracking, audit, and reporting.

Leaders in change management and process improvement across all industries, our team provides a suite of services designed for your distinct needs:

  • Contract management process and technology assessment
  • Contract lifecycle mapping and design of approval workflows
  • Contract scanning and data migration
  • Legacy contract review, organization, and streamlining
  • Metadata extraction and data mining
  • Contract standardization and template creation
  • Quality control, audit, and reporting

In providing our services, we can work with your technology or provide you with an end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution that supports online contract negotiation, e-signature capability, user control, deadline tracking, centralized contract repository, and much more.