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American Discovery Delivers Rapid Response Document Review Services to Support Time-Sensitive TRO Matter

Quick Overview

An international venture capital firm, investigating a suspected breach of fiduciary duty by two partners, needed proof to obtain temporary restraining orders (TROs) in multiple jurisdictions. The Am Law 100 law firm representing the company selected American Discovery to provide managed document review services for the time-sensitive project because of American Discovery’s reputation for doing high quality work and meeting tight deadlines.


Investigating a suspected breach of fiduciary duty by two partners in an international venture capital firm, an Am Law 100 law firm sought temporary restraining orders in three jurisdictions (London, New York and Los Angeles) and needed help uncovering evidence that the two partners were exploiting corporate opportunities that belonged to the partnership. Needing to quickly obtain the TROs, the firm required rapid-response document review services by a company that could deliver quality results in a timely manner.


American Discovery quickly mobilized its global team of U.S. and Philippine-based attorneys within hours and coordinated with the law firm’s Los Angeles office and its London-based eDiscovery platform partner. Together, they previewed documents, established well-defined review protocols, trained reviewers, and loaded documents into the platform. Led by a U.S.-based project management and quality control team, American Discovery continuously operated three review teams around the clock and reviewed the collection of documents in a short six (6) day period.


Working closely with outside counsel, American Discovery provided key documents to the law firm every few hours, enabling the firm to update briefs frequently with the latest information. American Discovery teams quickly identified numerous “smoking gun” documents showing that not only had the two partners exploited corporate opportunities, but that they had done so in a systematic manner through a separate entity they had set up unbeknownst to the other partners in the firm. This critical evidence, which also was previously unknown to the law firm, enabled the firm to obtain the TROs by stipulation and then negotiate a lucrative settlement agreement for the client.