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Around-the-clock Performance: Managing High-volume Document Review for Pharmaceutical Securities Class Action Matter

A large public pharmaceutical company and its executives were alleged to have committed several securities violations. After a Federal Court certified the class action, the class counsel made an extensive discovery request. Unable to cope with the discovery request on their own, the Company retained American Discovery to conduct an initial review of the documents. More than 15 million documents stored in both paper and electronic form needed to be analyzed.

American Discovery’s project management team, which specializes in discovery best practices, provided guidance to the client in selecting the best e-discovery processing application and review tool for the matter. American Discovery collaborated with outside counsel to prepare review protocols and train the review attorneys.

Relevant documents were then prepared for American Discovery to review. American Discovery quickly assembled a dedicated review team to meet the high volume demands of the project. Our project managers established timelines and effective protocols in consultation with the client. The American Discovery teams performed on a 24/7 basis and provided the client with work product around the clock. Our project managers were also available to the client 24 hours a day 7 days a week as part of our total project management program. American Discovery completed the review project on-time and under budget. Our project management team also offered suggestions regarding additional potential defenses to the asserted claims. The client and outside counsel both commended our resources and turnaround time.