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Document Review: 5 Challenges That Impact Reliable Outcomes

When managing a litigation matter, document review can make or break your case both financially and strategically. In our guide to improving managed document review, learn about the Five Challenges That Impact Reliable Outcomes and how you can meet those challenges head on.


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Chapters include:

  1. Developing Review Protocols: Quality First
  2. Estimating Effort: Time Management
  3. Cost Predictability
  4. Refining Review Protocols: Quality Throughout
  5. Scalability: Managing scope and complexity changes
  6. Expect the unexpected

About the Author

Mark Snyder, Director of Project Management & Quality Control, brings more than 20 years of large-firm legal experience to American Discovery. Over the past eight years, he has designed and implemented a variety of innovative processes that have reduced overall project risks, improved quality outcomes, and reduced the costs associated with document reviews and corporate legal projects. Under his supervision, AD has reviewed more than 500 million documents and counting.